Thermal Therapies

Thermal Body Wrap Treatments

Optimal skin health is not just a luxury. To deliver skin health with exfoliation and hydration, try the Thermal Body Treatments. You will feel invigorated, relaxed, and recharged all at the same time.

Your therapist will use heat throughout the treatment to keep you warm, to relax your muscles, induce sweating for toxin elimination, relieve pain, and calm the psyche. The temperature will aid product penetration for enhanced hydration and skin nourishment and re-mineralization as well. Both the Body Microfoliant and the Power Recovery Pack products contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, including: Wasabi Root which is high in Vitamin C, Asian Ginger which promotes circulation and reduces swelling, and White Tea extract, a good source of anti-oxidants.

NOTE: The “dry brushing” used in the Body Treatments may be added to ANY massage. This technique promotes relaxation and healing by stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation while exfoliating the skin. When booking online add it to your notes, or when calling for an appointment be sure to request this enhancement.


Heat Treatments

Steam Therapy for Better Health – A Mini Vacation is Waiting!

Steam Embrace CabinetHeat therapy has long been used by many cultures because of its soothing and purifying benefits.

Steam bathing is known to be extremely helpful for people with respiratory ailments, such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. It also soothes muscles, bursitis, and rheumatism. Steam creates a relaxing atmosphere, aids in perspiration and deep cleansing of the pores. Steam therapy stimulates the cardiovascular system to improve circulation without raising blood pressure.

The body’s sodium levels are depleted after use of the steam. Therefore, it’s important to drink plenty of water before and after to replace fluids lost during the treatment.

ENJOY THE PROCESS. Do not push your body beyond its comfort level; the point is not to “sweat if out” the longest, but to allow your mind and body to luxuriate in this invigorating miniature spa treatment.

NOTE: Only clients in overall good health should be exposed to whole-body steam treatments. Consult with your doctor particularly if you are over 45 with heart problems or other serious health issues. Treatment is NOT advised for pregnant women, small children, or if you have a fever.

Aromatherapy: you may choose oils to add to your steam depending on your needs such as stress relief, insomnia, allergy or cold relief, or others. Use some deep-breathing to inhale the aroma.

After your steam treatment, wipe down your body with a towel to remove any excess oils or purged toxins. This is a perfect time to massage a vitamin-enriched moisturizer into the skin.

To schedule an appointment for any one of our therapies, contact our Wellness Coordinator.