The Benefits of Chair Massage

Originally posted by Dale Wheeler, BCTMB on Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have chair, will travel! Businessman sitting on massage chair, getting shoulder massage.

I get bored with the four walls of my massage room. I love my clients and my workspace, but I welcome a change from the daily routine whenever I can get it. Taking my massage chair out to another workplace or event gives me the fresh air I crave.

Besides the need for variety in my massage practice, I’ve discovered several benefits of chair massage for myself and my clients:

Supplements your massage income: Frequently, I can schedule chair massage to fit my schedule, filling in my slow days or timeslots with chair massage events. Many of my corporate clients aren’t terribly picky about the time of day or day of week that I come in. I also keep my eyes open for large events requiring multiple massage therapists. I’ve coordinated many of these and they can be very financially rewarding. Finally, keep in mind that a massage chair and accessories are an inexpensive investment. 4 to 8 hours of chair massage will pay for your equipment.

Find new table massage clients: With chair massage I meet four clients per hour. Potential clients get to know me for a few minutes. I can demonstrate my quality of touch and personality, both big factors in a client’s decision to schedule table massage with me. I always bring a stack of business cards and sometimes discount cards for first time table massage. I have several regular table massage clients who have scheduled with me for over 10 years – all of whom I originally met through chair massage.

Touch people who are not likely a schedule traditional table massage: Chair massage is generally provided in a neutral, safe environment – their workplace, a mall or airport, a convention. People who might be squeamish about going to a massage clinic are more open to massage if they control the location. Chair massage alleviates concerns that they will have to disrobe, get oily skin, or mess up their hair. And people lead busy lives, unable to carve out time to squeeze in a one hour table massage. But most have time for a quick 15 minutes of chair massage.

I’ve become a better massage therapist: My body mechanics have dramatically improved – a must if you want to do chair massage for very long. I’ve learned to make better use of elbows, knuckles and sometimes tools, and reduced the amount of gripping, squeezing and thumb work.

Even with all these benefits to the client, not everyone will want a massage, even if it’s free. My experience with corporate location chair massage is this: If it’s offered for free to the employees, about 50% will try it. If the employees pay for their appointment, only about 25% will sit in the chair.

So pack you gear, put on your traveling music and enjoy some productive time outside you massage room!

राम राम राम

To schedule a chair massage at your workplace or the The Dharma Wellness Center, contact our Wellness Coordinator at 607-753-1228.