Skin Care (Aesthetics) at The Dharma Center, the professional science of caring for your skin.

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An aesthetician is a Skin Care Specialist offering a variety of skin treatments. For non-problematic skin, there are deep cleansing and relaxing facials. While pampering and relaxing, these facials are beneficial for healthy skin. The facial can include steam cleansing, a variety of masks, peels, and eye treatments.

An aesthetician is also trained to work with problematic skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, sun-damaged skin, scarring, pre and post operative care, menopausal skin changes, aging and maturing skin concerns, and other skin problems.

Each appointment includes skin assessment, product consultation, and a home care program.

The more vibrant and healthy your skin looks, the better you will feel. beautiful woman

We offer facial and skin treatments for men and women performed by our licensed aestheticians. The treatments are customized for your skin type and skin condition using targeted face mapping analysis, Dermalogica professional products, and state of the art facial equipment.

We offer a variety of retail products including Dermalogica, a multiple award winning highly recognized professional retail skin care line. Feel free to consult with our skin care therapists as well as test the products at the Skin Bar tester.

Why see a Skin Care Therapist?

A licensed aesthetician is a clinical Skin Care Therapist (SCT) trained to use specialized techniques and professional products for improving and maintaining healthy skin. The goals of these services vary from relaxation to restoration, from maintenance to healing.

Many skin conditions are successfully controlled with consistent care from an aesthetician. Such conditions include dehydrated and sun damaged skin, aging and menopausal skin, blemished, acne prone skin, rosacea, hyperpigmented, sensitive and sensitized skin.

An aesthetician is trained to detect skin problems. For cases needing medical intervention an aesthetician will refer you to a dermatologist or physician. Continuing care with an aesthetician will complement those medical treatments.

Aestheticians are educators in preventative and home care plans. With training in chemistry, anatomy, bacteriology, and product analysis, they can recommend effective treatments for your skin type and are good resources for advice on cosmetic products.

Skin Analysis and Face Mappingbeautiful young woman face with arrows

Your skin analysis will include a free Face Mapping. This valuable technique offers information to not only customize your facial treatment but will also help you tailor your at-home regimen with product recommendations that target your skin care needs and concerns.