Finding Sleep Series: 2 of 10

In our first post about finding sleep, we shared with you how meditation can affect the quality of your sleep. Referencing the same article written by Jody Helmer and published in “Energy Times”, we will now share with you what healthy impacts healthy snacking can have on your sleeping. Eating and sleeping well are so important… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 1 of 10

We are inundated by the requirements of our daily lives and they drain our energy when we do not actively support our bodies. One of the most simplistic ways to achieve wellness is through restorative sleep. There are many factors that often prevent us from reaching a restorative sleep level. In a recent issue of “Energy… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 10 of 10

This is our final post for this Finding Sleep Series. We were inspired by an article published in Energy Times to share these great sleep enabling recommendations. One of the tips for better sleep in the article was about acupuncture. We will have a full post latter on about acupuncture, its history and benefits at a latter time,… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 9 of 10

We have covered a lot of recommendations and we are down to just two more in this series. Taking reference from an article published in Energy Times we will now discuss establishing a bedtime routine. This is an absolutely free method to achieving better sleep, establishing an routine. Finding Sleep Tip: 9 of 10 Establish a… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 8 of 10

Jodi Helmer recently wrote a piece about obtaining sound sleep. In her piece she covered something that we at The Dharma Center recommend not only for better sleep but for total wellness, reducing stress. To some of you this may seem to be a daunting or unachievable task. For your health, it is a necessary… Read More

Men at the Spa

Men Visiting US Spas in Greater Numbers, Say ISPA Original Source, “Energy Times” April 2014 Issue ~ The Healthy Traveler Men are visiting spas more than ever, according to recent research from the International Spa Association (ISPA) Foundation. The ISPA Consumer Snapshot Initiative shows that men represent almost half 47%, of spa-going population in the… Read More

Skin Care Series: 3 of 3

This is our third and final post of this Skin Care Series. This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue of “Energy Times”. The article was written by Lisa James. Effective Plant Essences There are two basic types of oil used in all kinds of massage, including facial. The first, called carrier oils because… Read More