The Benefits of Chair Massage

Originally posted by Dale Wheeler, BCTMB on Thursday, July 17, 2014 Have chair, will travel!  I get bored with the four walls of my massage room. I love my clients and my workspace, but I welcome a change from the daily routine whenever I can get it. Taking my massage chair out to another workplace or event… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 7 of 10

What if we told you that you could save money and sleep better? Would you be interested? Wonderful! The next recommendation in our sleep series is simple, turn down the temperature. This is both cost effective and sleep inducing. As seen in an article published in “Energy Times”. Finding Sleep Tip: 7 of 10 Reduce the… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 6 of 10

This recommendation is the most expensive tip of the series but it is extremely important. Purchasing a quality mattress with comfortable bedding is so very important. You need to start with a good foundation which properly supports your body and pull moisture away from your skin. Continuing our sleep series, we again share from an article… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 5 of 10

Continuing on our sleep wellness journey, we ask that you step back from your computer or electronic device. We have been told this recommendation is a hard one, unplug. Simple, free and effective. Jodi Helmer wrote about unplugging in a recent article published by ” Energy Times”. Finding Sleep Tip 5 of 10: Unplug from… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 4 of 10

We have now covered meditation, smart snacking and natural remedies to help improve sleep. Let’s turn to one recommendation that often has people confused. Exercise Adequately. A lot of people we talk to say, “exercise, I barely have enough energy to get dressed in the morning and now you want me to work out?”. Yes!… Read More

Finding Sleep Series: 3 of 10

Mother Nature really does know best. She has presented us with all that we need to achieve wellness. She has scribed a natural rhythmic cycle to our lives and days. When we allow that to be disrupted, our whole body system falls out of line. Continuing our Finding Sleep Series, we look at natural remedies that… Read More