The Dharma Center brings massage and skin care therapy together with other modalities for offering the community many recognized and effective alternative therapies. Having these choices within one Wellness Center is a great benefit  to many who often use more than one therapy for their wellness regimen.

The Dharma Center mission is to specialize in these healing treatments while providing a nurturing and relaxing environment. There is rarely a day that goes by without someone telling us with appreciation how calming and restful the environment is. “I just walk in the building and immediately begin to relax.”

The client centered approach to promoting a “Wellness Experience” is evident from start to finish. There are slippers at the door, heated tables in the rooms, and much more. “Delivering more than you expect” has been the motto since day one. So come early and enjoy a cup of tea.

The experience brings you quality of service as well. The practitioners are educated, licensed and skilled with a commitment to learning and growing, and a commitment to the highest quality of care and service.


Skin Care

Skin Care and Therapies

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Energy Therapy

Energy Therapies



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Thermal Therapy


Self Care

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