Semra Kecelioglu LCSW

My practice at The Dharma Wellness Center is based on the belief that my clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. 
I am committed to using all my experience and skills in helping them to meet those needs.  I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and work  with you toward reaching your highest potential.
Semra Kecelioglu Licensed Social Worker and Councilor
My name is Semra Kecelioglu. I was born in Turkey but have spent the majority of my life in the U.S. I have a Bachelor ofScience degree in Psychology from Syracuse University and  Master of Social Work degree also from Syracuse University.  I’m licensed as a clincial social worker in NY State.
My experience in the field ranges from working on an adult inpatient psychiatric unit; preventive services for children at risk of foster placement; case-coordination  for children in therapetic foster care; outpatient psychotherapy with adults, youths,children,and couples in two group practice settings; private practice; and, day treatment therapy in a school setting.
My post masters’ training includes, but is not limited to:
  •  EMDR levels I and II through the EMDR Institute;
  •  Treatment of Dissociative Disorders in Adults and,
    Treatment of Dissociative Disorders in Children and
    Adolescents through the International Society for the Study
    of Trauma and Dissociation;
  •  Incorporating EMDR in treating persons having 
    experienced trauma at pre-verbal stages
    – with Sandra Paulsen, PhD;
  •  Brain Spotting Phases I and II; and, Resource Brainspotting with  Attachment and Dissociation – with Lisa Schwarz.
I have no doubt that my calling in life is to foster healing  in people with broken hearts and souls.  In this quest it has been an interesting journey so far: going from level to level,  awakening spirit, soul and body to my own being, letting the hunger for more lead me to the teachers as well as settings that would propel me on to the skills, answers, experiences, relationships necessary for growth – both personal and professional.
This developing,shaping and refining is of course a life long process so I am not a guru on a hill, I’m very much aware that “the more I know, the more I know I don’t know much”. I’m a fellow sharing this particular stretch of time and space with you.  My mission is to give generously from what I have been given as we walk a little way together when our paths meet in the divinely choreographed dance of Life. 

To work with me to reach your wellness goals, contact our Wellness Coordinator. You may also schedule at your convenience by booking online. booknow