The Dharma Wellness Center is dedicated to offering world-class services to our clients.

During our world travels and in-depth studies, we have discovered the body’s natural healing abilities and how to unblock them.

The human body is an amazing organism that is able to self maintain when properly calibrated. The journey to wellness does not necessarily need to be laden with pharmaceuticals and other toxins.

We will help you unlock your body’s true potential and help you find peace.

Our practitioners are fully trained and certified medical service providers. They are amazing at what they do and the way they connect with our clients. Over the years, we have been a steady source for alternative healing in our community and that is thanks to the dedication of our practitioners.

We are truly honored to be your choice for mind, body and spirit care.
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It is your body. It is your mind. It is your spirit.  Your body is already telling you what it needs to function efficiently. When our body systems are disrupted by either stress, illness or environmental elements, it tells us that it needs help. It can be as simple as a sore back saying you need to stretch at your desk  or as complicated as a lymphatic disruption causing total body reactions. Listen to your body, consult your physician and decide what method of health care is right for you.

We welcome you to contact our Wellness Coordinator and discover your options for alternative therapies right here in Cortland, at the Healing Arts Center.