Finding Sleep Series: 6 of 10

This recommendation is the most expensive tip of the series but it is extremely important. Purchasing a quality mattress with comfortable bedding is so very important. You need to start with a good foundation which properly supports your body and pull moisture away from your skin. Continuing our sleep series, we again share from an article written by Jodi Helmer.

Finding Sleep Tip: 6 of 10

Invest in Success

You wouldn’t cut the grass with kitchen scissors or plant a tree using a teaspoon, right? The adage about needing the right tools for the job applies to sleep, too. A sagging mattress and ancient pillows can cause back or shoulder pain and muscle stiffness, causing you to toss and turn. In fact, participants in a Journal of Chiropractic Medicine study reported improved sleep quality after sleeping on a new mattress for 28 nights. Bedding made from natural fibers such as cotton (organic, if possible), bamboo and hemp is more breathable and can keep you cool at night. New “performance” sheets and pillowcases can also prevent overheating, allowing you to sleep better because they’re more breathable and wick moisture away from the body, explains Breus.

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