Finding Sleep Series: 5 of 10

Continuing on our sleep wellness journey, we ask that you step back from your computer or electronic device. We have been told this recommendation is a hard one, unplug. Simple, free and effective. Jodi Helmer wrote about unplugging in a recent article published by ” Energy Times”.

Finding Sleep Tip 5 of 10:

Unplug from Electronics

If your nightly routine includes falling asleep in front of the TV or checking Facebook, Michael J. Breus PhD, a board-certified sleep specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona, suggests turning off all devices at least an hour before bed. “Blue light from screens affects the production of melatonin,” he explains (by as much as 22% in one study). Breus notes that screen blue light “throws off your circadian rhythm,” resetting your internal clock and sending signaling your body that it’s time to wake up. In fact, that blue glow might make you more apt to struggle with sleeplessness than sunlight flooding the room. And to avoid the sleep disturbances some people have reported in response to low-power electromagnetic fields, you should keep all electronic devices (including alarm clocks and TVs) at least eight feet away from the bed.

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