Finding Sleep Series: 3 of 10

Mother Nature really does know best. She has presented us with all that we need to achieve wellness. She has scribed a natural rhythmic cycle to our lives and days. When we allow that to be disrupted, our whole body system falls out of line. Continuing our Finding Sleep Series, we look at natural remedies that Mother Nature provides us with for just these times. 
Taken from an article written by Jodie Helmer that was published by “Energy times” we have our third sleep inducing recommendation. 

Part 3 of 10:

Turn to Natural Remedies

Many sleep-support formulations are based on foods. For example, casein decapeptides are the protein components that give warm milk its soothing properties. An extract from Zea mays—corn to you—promotes healthy balances between a brain chemical called serotonin, linked to mood, and melatonin, itself available in supplemental form. Herbs can encourage sounder shuteye, too. In addition to such traditional bedtime favorites as chamomile and hops, Mucuna pruriens (velvet bean) fights insomnia and helps to deepen sleep overall while an African shrub called Griffonia simplicifolia provides 5-HTP, an amino acid the body uses to create serotonin. And L-theanine is a green tea component that does double duty, supplying a sense of alert calm and focus during the day and supporting deep, restful sleep at night.

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