Dot Edwards, LMT
NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

           Dot Edwards, LMT

My career as a massage therapist has an unusual beginning in that it all started many years ago because of my dog. The last thing I expected when this dog became a part of my life was to be on the path I now find myself upon. He had many health problems and I began to get frustrated with the veterinarian’s system of treatment because no one seemed to be concerned about what was causing his problems and instead focused only on the symptoms and treating those – which were getting us nowhere and actually creating additional health issues. This made absolutely no sense to me and seemed like we would be forever “chasing our tail” if this is how everything was to proceed. So I started exploring holistic care for dogs and in the process learned more and more about myself. In my quest to help bring him back to a state of health, it seemed my life shifted forever. Unfortunately, he only got slightly better with the holistic care – and he definitely didn’t get the worsening symptoms he had been getting with conventional care. His state of mind, however, did improve greatly and since he has passed on, I have learned how I could have helped him even more than I was able to at that time.

So beginning in 2000 and ending in 2001, I found myself going through the massage program at the South Carolina Massage and Esthetics Institute. After graduating and passing the National Exam, I practiced Swedish Massage part time for five years. During the years while studying to help my dog, as well as my time in and after massage school, I found myself very drawn to energy work and then attended the Carolina Reiki Institute where I achieved the level of Reiki Master.

After leaving South Carolina, I spent a few years being a caregiver for a friend with throat cancer. During those years, I received training in another energy healing modality called VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing which is a powerful holistic system of energetic healing and is of the Merlin lineage (the name Merlin actually pertains to the quality of energy being channeled).

Since moving back to New York, I found I needed to go back through massage school in order to become licensed to practice in New York State so it wasn’t long before I found myself attending the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY. This program deepened my understanding of Swedish Massage and provided more in-depth training in Deep Tissue and other modalities. I have expanded upon the pregnancy massage training I learned while in SC and here in NY with a course provided by Susanrachel Condon. In addition to that, both while attending the Finger Lakes School and after, I furthered my energy work education with courses in Integrated Energy Therapy® (also known as IET®) and have become a Master Instructor for that modality. IET® is very simple, yet incredibly powerful. Its focus is on the emotional body and integrating suppressed feelings. It is assisted by the Healing Angels of the energy field.

My goal as a massage therapist and energy worker is to assist clients in their healing journey, whether that is “just for relaxation” (the benefits of which are incredibly healing and we all know the effects of stress) or for something more specific that is going on with their bodies. I am truly grateful to every person who comes in and allows me to assist them in their journey.

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