Psychotherapy is available for both individuals and families including specialized work with children and adolescents.

 Counseling sessions at The Dharma Wellness Center,  focus on helping clients experiencing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and difficulty with interpersonal relationships.

To schedule a counseling session, please call us at 607-753-1228.

What is Counseling?

According to the Lewis & Clark School of Education and Counseling, counseling is assisting individuals, families, and groups with diverse needs through challenges in their life journeys.

Counselors take a developmental perspective that people grow and change throughout their lives.  Professional counselors understand principles of human development, psychology, mental health and change theories, and they establish effective helping relationships with people from diverse cultures. Counselors are skilled in the assessment of people and situations, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, and in the application of cognitive, affective, behavioral and systemic strategies to facilitate change.-Source Lewis & Clark School of Education and Counseling © 2014